Icsa 2017
Sep 7th to 10th, 2017
Graz, Austria


ICSA 2017 4th International Conferenceon Spatial Audio | September 7th to 10th, 2017, Graz, Austria #vdticsa

3D Audio in Rooms with Compact Wedge Arrays

Three dimensional audio from compact loudspeaker arrays has been explored in different forms. A number of techniques intentionally steer beams towards the walls in a room and generate reflections that give the impression of a source at the mirrored position behind the wall. This enables the creation of a system with more virtual sources around the listener position. Wedge arrays are particularly suitable for this kind of application because their beamforming technique uses a model that includes the reflections from walls, floor and ceiling of the encompassing wedge. Inside a box-shaped room, the wedge can be either a corner but also a wall, in a wider sense. A method for three- dimensional audio from one or more wedge arrays is proposed. Using beam patterns with one or two main lobes that can be horizontally and vertically steered, the creation of virtual sources around a listening position that is centred in the room is achieved. It is shown that some virtual sources must be synthesised as phantom sources while others can be created through direct beam reflections, depending on the respective position of the arrays and the listeners in the room. Parametric expressions for the control filters creating the beam patterns are derived and the expected beam pattern obtained from a given (realistic) array is predicted through simulation.